WE  REOPEN  ON  WEDNESDAY                                      3rd JANUARY

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Wednesday -Friday 10-5pm  Saturday 10-4pm Sunday 11-4pm

  B E S P O K E  &  R E S T O R A T I O N  W O R K S H O P

S H O W R O O M:

Workshop Showroom video June 2016


t (9)  376 2895 |    w o r k s h o p @ r o s e a n d h e a t h e r. c o. n z

w w w. r o s e a n d h e a t h e r. c o. n z

   M o n d a y   –   F r i d a y    1 0 –  5 pm   |    S a t u r d a y    1 0 – 4 pm : S u n d a y  1 1 – 4 pm


Now located in front of our Bespoke and Refurbishment Workshop the store carries all of what you’d expect to see at R&H. With big industrial windows opening out in to the working space.

watch the team in action  restoring and creating our beautiful pieces.

Open 7 days, our team of David, Simon and Ann will provide you with ideas and solutions for your specific requirements.

Our company Design Director, Martin Bell, is also available in store most week days and weekends by appointment.

with 12 car parks in the driveway on the city side and great cafes and gallery’s in the area, make time to come out and see the home of our fine craftsmanship.