Product care

An important aspect of the hand finishing process is the application of a sealer to the surface.

In part, this is to provide a stable environment for the ancient Kauri, but moreso to provide a protective finish for the product.

Because the surface has been sealed it does not need to be fed by wax or oils.


Ancient Kauri is a natural material with variations of colour, shade, configuration, streaks, and grain structure.

Each individual piece has characteristic markings that will differ from photo and showroom samples.

Our furniture is made and intended for everyday use. When you put our furniture into your home, give it the care it deserves.

Regular maintenance and care will ensure our pieces will last and appreciate for years to come

It is important to keep the area in which the furniture is placed properly humidified. Lack of humidity can cause joints to work apart.

Wood needs a reasonable level of temperature and humidity (around 20% celsius and 40% humidity)

Do not sit the furniture near heaters or air conditioning units.

Sun bleaching can occur when our pieces are exposed to excessive sunlight. The finish will generally lighten.

Try to avoid placing your pieces in direct sunlight, rotate the pieces from time to time (chairs around the table, accessories on the table) to even the process and prevent spot bleaching.

For upholstered items, frequent vacuuming between cushions is recommended. Leather specific cleaning kits are available,

however only professional cleaners should undertake complete overall cleaning.