R & H

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For more than three generations now, we have been proud to offer one of the most consistent, engaging furniture collections you will find.

Anchored to our name is our unwavering standard. Every piece produced by Rose & Heather is made in one location in Auckland, New Zealand.

We are conscious of the fact that our furniture has to fit into a myriad of interiors and rise above constantly changing lifestyles. We achieve this by adhering to classic design elements and as far as possible staying away from any treatment that might date pieces prematurely. Conversely, we are not afraid of giving our furniture a sleek contemporary look, but do so in a slightly more restrained manner. We do not simply reproduce past styles or decorative detail, rather, we adapt classic elements and construction techniques to achieve a uniquely Rose & Heather look.

Once a range of furniture is established it remains enduring and pieces may be added at any time, even to customers own specifications if required. So, like that good suit, our furniture endures the test of time while things around it change. The house may change, the room may change frequently but our furniture will always remain that faithful focal point.

Offering no opportunity to lower standards the pieces are painstakingly produced  from raw material to finished, delivered product.