The Bailey Table

Like diving through a waterline of clear glass.. into the organically seductive structural elements of a yacht, Rose & Heather’s Bailey Table has nothing to hide. A focus on the underbelly structure of glossy ribs and ribbands rimmed by the curvaceous arcs of Tumblehome is the major appeal of the new table, which is based on the pre-construction design of a classic yacht. It is a graceful, elegant piece standing on proud, curved legs evocative of the tiller.

The Bailey has become a bit of a family tradition for company Design DirectorMartin Bell, as he was growing up he watched his Dad build several yachts from scratch in the back yard, such was his capability that one of was built using a two page plan from a book published in the 1920’s. It wasn’t something he thought much about back then, but the book is now a firm favourite tome. “The Bailey blends, clean, elegant design with Rose & Heather’s reputation for craftsmanship,” says Martin .

Part of the Christopher Elliott collection, the Bailey is a fine architectural piece, constructed using the 9Logs timber and available in various  sizes and stain finishes.