In celebration of the value of craftsmanship.

Topped by a sheet of glass which symbolises the waterline, the Bailey table was inspired by the structural elements of a classic yacht.

This table has been handcrafted using traditional tools such as the spokeshave and drawblade in recognition of the keen eye the builders of these beautiful yachts possessed.

Rose & Heather’s Workshop “Philosophy of Craftsmanship” is influenced by the early construction methods used more than a century ago by our early shipwrights.

 Bailey Table video

T H E   G L A S S    I S    T H E   W A T E R L I N E.

The elegant early lines of the golden era of yachting owe much to the eye of the master tradesman.

Half models of intended designs were carefully shaped by our early boat builders.

Once happy with the shape of these half hulls, often only 18” or 2’ long, they would “loft” the lines onto

the floor of their workshop and create full size plans of the intended boat from these early prototypes.

All done with the keen eye of a true craftsman.

“The Bailey is a tribute to the skill  and passion of New Zealand’s early shipwrights”.

It is with this attention to graceful lines and technique in mind, we created the Bailey Table.

Using traditional techniques and tools such as the draw blade and spokeshave these tables

are crafted by hand and eye to an almost silky, fluid finish. A joy to touch and view from almost any angle.

Almost organic in touch and line, there are few straight lines to this sculpturally aesthetic piece.


CEBA6 Length 207 Width 95cm Seats 6

 CEBA8 Length 240 x 105 Seats 8

 CEBA10 Length 270 x 105cm Seats 10

 Bespoke sizes are available and made to client order. Table can be made available

as flat pack, export ready with glass or computer template.