We offer a wide range of mattresses handmade and designed for our flexible slat systems.
Featuring Latex, wool and a choice spring systems they complement the graceful lines of our beds with comfort and support.

All stores carry test mattresses and our team will walk you through the various features of each of the designs.

You may instead, choose to use your existing mattress or buy one from another supplier.

In recognition of this from June 2016 we have increased the width between the side rails of our 3 bed sizes.

This has been brought about by the trend for mattresses to increase significantly in height .

The increase in height has dictated  the need for the mattress manufacturers to construct stiffer sides to prevent “collapse” at the sides of the beds.

With the beds designed to accommodate the mattresses sitting within the side rails the stiffened sides are more difficult to fit.

Our own mattress dimensions will not change in width or height and continue to offer superb support.

For clients who like the idea of a higher mattress position, our Eden, Newport & Trenail Simple Beds are all 50mm higher from the floor

to the flexible slat base giving you a greater mattress height.